Open-Source Contribution

Here's a post dedicated to all collaborators, it's what helps us grow together.

Open-Source Contribution
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Lifting code off of GitHub is great, gets the job done but when you take something, it's only fair to give back! Here's a post dedicated to all collaborators, it's what helps us grow together.

Github doesn't need any introduction, it is a version control software that is publicly available to use. Most of my personal repositries are stored here, both public and private. There is an enterprise version known as Gitlab for larger companies to use. Similarly, another platform primarily used for data warehousing is Kaggle. Kaggle is great if you ever want to donate datasets. This would help others analyze and research your data.

There are many licenses available to protect what you put online, and this is updated frequently.

Recently, I started working on a couple of home improvement projects. One project I really liked and wanted to give back to was, a fingerprint scanner repository. This was my first time contributing publicly, I've taken care of countless merge requests for enterprises, but you got to start somewhere.

So, I opened an issue, forked the repository and got back to my IDE. Pushed my commits into said forked repo and raised a pull request.

If all this sounds complicated, it really isn't. Every year, there's a month-long celebration of open-source projects, their maintainers, and the entire community of contributors known as the hacktoberfest. Although my college pushed us to make contribution every October, I for one wasn't fond of staying back after hours. Here I am spreading the word much later!


It doesn't have to be halloween to contribute!

Collaborating with a community of open-source contributors, following guidelines and navigating around hot head and what not!

You'll always remember your first...

Issue #18: R503 FPS LED WDT ESP32 by unseemlycoder · Pull Request #20 · EverythingSmartHome/fingerprint-mqtt
Inclusion of R503 fingerprint sensor and its led to indicate sensor state. Watchdog for device lockup specifically for ESP32xx Family of microcontrollers.
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