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Hi! I'm Akash! is an independent publication launched in August 2022 by Akash Murthy.

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Akash Murthy | Engineer

Bangalore, India
💻 Sharing my developer journey & love of tech
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Akash Murthy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from PES University, one of the premier institutes in Bangalore, with distinction. He has more than 3 years of experience working with IT products and services organizations. He is proficient in Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networks, DevOps tools, Security practices, Containerization technologies, and Linux internals. He has worked with VMware’s virtualization stack including NSX, vSphere, and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid as well as Nvidia’s CUDA libraries, Gitlab operations, open‑source tools, and databases.

He has mentored, judged, and been awarded for being part of several hackathons, and he has applied for a patent related to depth mapping. He is a recipient of the Rasphtrapati award, given by the President of India for his services as a Scout. He is self‑motivated, runs websites, and automation services on servers at his home. A home lab where he tries new DevOps practices and open‑source software. He is also academically inclined, having published a paper with the Springer Journal on measuring and forecasting electrical usage metrics at homes and industrial settings.

Business Skills: Automation Expertise, Service Management and Governance, Adherence to SLAs, MIS reporting on KRIs & KPIs, Vendor Evaluation, Negotiations and Management, Planning, Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement.

Professional Skills: Strong verbal and written communication deftness; Leadership, Adaptability and Continuous Learning, Ability to manage multiple projects and personalities.